Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beach Wedding Smiles!

When word got out in that this beautiful couple were doing a beach wedding everyone became excited including us!  They both are incredible. (Check out blog at: When they asked us to be their wedding photographer, we could not have been more honored or flattered. They are one of the cutest couple we have met, and they fit together so perfectly. We were so happy to be a part of this extraordinary PHOTO Love!!

Graduation Time!

We cannot believe it’s time already… but sure enough, the flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is getting greener, and college graduation is here!!!!! We were able to capture this proud moment between father and son, as Jonathan receives his degree, we see his father standing and you can just feel the love and happiness!!!! We had a great time shooting this joyous occasion.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family Day!!!!!

There have been so many sessions over the past year and we had the opportunity to do an entire family shoot on the beach with the Desia Bunch!!!!

This was a bunch that flew in from Nashville, Tennessee to spend the holidays, and since everyone was in town, they decided to have a Family Photo Session.

So the Desia Family was  able  to work themselves into our crazy  schedule, and we had THE most perfect everything.

They are beautiful, the day was beautiful, and we were  ust lucky enough to point my camera in the right direction.

We Love This FAMILY!!!!!

Throwback Thursday for Elisia Harkins Photography!

Throwback Thursday for Elisia Harkins Photography!
Oh the stories I could tell about this little guy!
I will just say that this sweetie pie definitely gave me a cardio workout on his visits to our remote location. But the images we got always captured that uniqueness look in his eye. I love those little boys who have a lot of energy!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Introducing IvyLynn (Cute Little Honey Bee)

Introducing IvyLynn (Cute Little Honey Bee)

I was so excited to meet this little lady! Remember the "Amazing,” Maternity  session we did with her mom? She gave birth to a healthy, gorgeous baby girl, “IvyLynn!" They came into our home Photography studio for her photo session and I didn’t want to give her back. Luckily, I will get to watch her grow up!!!!